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Chipus is a leading company in delivering low-power IP solutions with responsibility, commitment and within schedule. We have closely worked with companies around the world for many years and gained a unique understanding of the specific needs of our clients and the market.

Our services are the result of that expertise and allow us to deliver a comprehensive range of options to our clients – for a full solution- focused philosophy.

We have taped out to major foundries

Range of technology nodes from 350nm to 40nm
Chip IP Idea Chipus

Flexibility to meet your needs

  • Configurable options to your desired specifications
  • We specialize in assisting clients
  • Optimized low power consumption expertise
  • We offer truly flexible solutions


As an IP company, Chipus regularly ports out IP blocks from one process technology to another (foundry and/or node). We implement a particular porting process that is simultaneously efficient, reliable and fast. This process enables us to port complex circuits or even entire libraries of blocks within a short period.

Services for a Complete Solution

As an IP provider, we deliver a complete solution with a full range of services that are key to the development of an IP. 


For the selection of IP blocks and to check the IP functionality in the context of its surrounding system, it is useful to have a model, which can be easily simulated both individually and plugged into a system. Chipus is able to create both simple and sophisticated models, according to desirable accuracy and accepted resource allocation.


For some applications, low power consumption is not only desirable but necessary. Even experienced and talented designers face difficulties when squeezing the last few possible µW of a circuit manually. Chipus has created optimization methods considering different circuit operating modes, including performance trade-off analysis and semi-automated device sizing optimization.

Turnkey Solutions

From product idea to production ramp-up, including specification, design, manufacturing, packaging, test and logistics. Chipus is able to deliver a turnkey solution for your need. The experience in delivering turnkey solutions to customers give us a comprehensive knowledge of the whole IC design flow and supply chain, from the product idea to production ramp up.

Supply Chain

 Chipus can manage the interaction with the entire supply chain, from idea to production ramp-up. We have a close relationship with global supply chain partners and we provide close support during manufacturing, production test development, and mass production. Our experience enables us to work with a wide variety of the supplier to match your choice.

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